Excessive Sweating Quadriplegic

By | December 7, 2013
It is never pleasant to be visibly seen as sweating and it can be not cool and embarrassing, at least you do not have to suffer through this disorder that is called hyperhidrosis. There are various treatment options for excessive sweating if this predicament concerns you so that you can look cool, calm and collected in particularly during the warm summer months that are just around the corner.

Why do I sweat so much?….sweating is a natural bodily function. It functions to help cool down overheated bodies. The body features over 2 million sweat glands and as the body heats up, the body activates the sweat glands causing fluid to be drawn from the blood and changed into sweat which then travels to the surface of the skin and leaves through the pores in the skin. When the sweat arrives on the surface of the skin, this leads to the evaporation of the sweat which in turn cools the skin which then cools the blood. The cooler blood then goes back to the human organs and muscles to cool them.


Autonomic Dysreflexia – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
In patients with spinal cord transection, types of stimulation that are tolerated by healthy people create an excessive response from the person's nervous system. profuse sweating, facial erythema, goosebumps, nasal stuffiness, a "feeling of doom" or apprehension, and blurred vision.

TAB W B NEUROLOGIC DISORDERS – Texas A&M Health Science Center
sweating, dilated pupils, blurred vision, nasal stuffiness, flushing, or piloerection. It usually occurs several months after the injury and has an incidence as high as 85% in quadriplegic patients triggering foods, flashing lights, excessive physical exertion, mild head trauma

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ICD-9 Codes For Family Medicine 2011-2012: The FPM Long List
Cerebral palsy, quadriplegic 331.83 Cognitive impairment, mild 572.2 Coma, hepatic 850.0 Concussion, no loss of consciousness 850.9 Concussion, unspec. Sweating, excessive 780.2 Syncope 785.0 Tachycardia 786.06 Tachypnea 783.22 Underweight 795.08 Unsatisfact. cervical cytology smear 788.41

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Injury are between the ages of twenty and forty and 85 percent of them are men The lifetime costs of medical care of a quadriplegic Narcotic Antagonists prevent or abolish excessive respiratory These symptoms are associated with varying degrees of sweating, warmth